Healy and Juravich: Tangled in our dreams

Sweet friend

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Teresa Healy

Another golden day throws a kiss to the universe
It could have gone right by, and I might not have noticed
So lost was I , there was nothing but wilderness
‘Til your lovin’ smile, brought me on home

Is this the path that was so lonely?
Was it the money, money or the time?
Well I don’t know how it came so easily
But I could leave me, on a dime
On a dime

When the doorbell rings, now the kettle sings
At the teapot, all is revealed
Sweet friend you know the very heart of me
Only say the word, I shall be healed
I shall be healed

How does a heart pump through its heaviness?
How does a seed, survive the snow?
How does a bulb through off the whole weight of winter
To find light, as it grows?
As it grows

So we write and we call and we grieve on the phone
We find that silver bracelet, put our leather boots on
We hope against hope that it’s not too late.
Then we laugh and we sing and we fight and we cry
We throw away despair; look the bosses in the eye
We stand up for ourselves, ‘cause that just won’t wait,
It won’t wait, it won’t wait, it can’t wait,
We can’t wait any more.

Another golden day….