Healy and Juravich: Tangled in our dreams

Storm about us

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Teresa Healy

Well, there’s a storm about us and the wind blows through
We’re not alone, we’re half-way home
We know what we must do, when there’s a
Storm about us and the wind blows through
Sing it on down …

Run off your feet, big smile for the patients you greet
You take my hand, you tell me to hold tight
But the tension’s growing and the cracks are showing
These cuts will leave another scar on a worker tonight
So, march it on down…

Will they sell your smile for a profit?
Take our schools just to line their pockets?
Trade in water, or pull the stars out of the sky?
They’d sell our laughter, if they could bottle it.
Steal our future, ‘cause there is gold in it
But do they think they can take it all
And we’ll just stand by?
So, strike it on down…

It’s a company government
Our CEO to their President
Democracy, so long betrayed
So, rock it on down…

When there’s a storm about us …