Healy and Juravich: Tangled in our dreams

Song for peace

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Teresa Healy

We’re singing for peace
We’re singing solidarity
Singing for courage
Singing down walls
We’ll sing without fear
And before all authority
Singing as darkness falls

As I walked along, one foggy grey morning
The cares of the world weighed on my mind
The headlines they said
There were forty-three dead
And I thought of their loved ones behind

We’re singing for peace …

How can we turn this thing over?
Who has to make up their mind?
Raise your hand in a fist
You’ll end up on a list
While the leaders go on with their war-crimes

We’re singing for peace …

Some take a stand as a witness to suffering
Do all they can to get in the way
Believe to the core in a world without war
And live to bring peace in our day

We’re singing for peace …

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