Healy and Juravich: Tangled in our dreams

Cold Mountain

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Tom Juravich
(Based on the book by Charles Frazier)

Inman is my Christian name, that’s all you need to know
I joined up with the rebel boys, three long years ago
I fought under the best of them, Longstreet and Lee
They marched us down to hell and back, a ragged infantry

I took a bullet in the neck, they left me with the dead
But by some damn miracle of God, I lie here in this bed
For months and months I’ve turn it round, but I’m leaving at first light
You can call me what you want to, but, I will no longer fight

With every step I walk away from what I have become
A soldier who can ne’er recall before the war begun
But somewhere back, a memory, a face so clear and true
So I’m starting on this long hard road, to make it back to you

Rain again, my food is gone, the wound has yet to heal
What I’d give to be with you tonight, to share one simple meal
I grab a bunch of wild cress, bark from a young elm tree
Oh I have to keep on walking or my memories will revile me

Aida, if I make it, I don’t know what you’ll see
For what happened down at Fredericksburg will forever be with me
If I could make it to Cold Mountain, just to walk upon the land
Maybe all these broken parts of me, might gather once again

With every step I walk away from what I have become…

Weeks and months, I’m walking still, how long has it been?
They almost caught me last night, the home guard’s out again
My dreams of you grow stronger as my body’s growing weak
I slog along again tonight on bloody, blistered feet

You’re looking straight through me, you just don’t recognize
I cannot get the words out as the tears they fill my eyes
You turn back round, you touch my face as I crumble at your feet
And I dream of something more than war as I thunder into sleep

With every step I walk away from what I have become…

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