Healy and Juravich: Tangled in our dreams

Arabian Nights

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Teresa Healy

Some country singer says
Don’t touch the red, white and blue
Or we’ll light up your skies, fly Old Glory high
He loves his country, wishes others would too
He wants another firestorm, firecrackers won’t do

And I’m kicking up the snow on a sunny day
There’s something wrong with the scene
Kicking up the snow on a sunny day
Wondering why the leaves are falling green

Stock market crashing, something must be done
Protect strategic oil reserves, keep profits rolling on
Dubya wants to finish what his daddy left undone
Saddam’s head on a platter,
A thousand and one, lights in the night sky
All those workers died, millions more were terrified
But don’t do this in our name, not our sisters, nor our brothers
No war over empire

Take the election, shake a hand, wave a Stetson
Peace is war, waged on dark Arabian nights
No war over empire, No war over empire

And I’m kicking up the snow on a sunny day…