Healy and Juravich: Tangled in Our Dreams

Finnegan Music releases new CD: Healy & Juravich - Tangled in Our Dreams

Tangled In Our Dreams is a new collaboration by Ottawa-based Teresa Healy and Tom Juravich from Northampton, Massachusetts. This acoustic recording of mostly original duets about work, peace, struggle and love, is above all a vocal album. Healy & Juravich trade melodies and weave tight vocal harmonies on every track. Together, Healy’s clear, Irish-influenced alto and Juravich’s huskier baritone combine as if they have been singing together their whole lives. In fact, they only began working together in January 2006 when they recorded Healy’s “Song for Peace,” which was written for the hostages and detainees in Iraq.

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Reflecting on their collaboration Tom says, “I’ve had the opportunity to sing with a lot of great singers. But when I first sang with Teresa something caught and we decided almost immediately to go into the studio to record Tangled.” As Teresa says, “Tangled in Our Dreams gave us the opportunity to reflect on both the political and the personal. Early on, I knew we had tapped into a rare and deep resonance, as well as a wonderful musical partnership.”

Tangled in Our Dreams touches on a wide range of themes. Juravich’s “Cold Mountain” is based on the best-selling novel by Charles Frasier and recounts the journey of a wounded soldier who turns his back on war to walk home to love and redemption. Healy’s “Sweet Friend” celebrates the healing power of friendship, while the co-written Great Chazy River is a joyful song about falling in love amidst the beauty of early summer.

The CD was recorded in Chelsea, Quebec by James Stephens who co-produced the CD with Juravich. The strong but sparse guitar work by Juravich and Healy coupled with Stephens’ evocative playing on fiddle, bass, viola and tenor guitar create the musical foundation for the CD. Rob Graves is on percussion, while Fred Guignon’s electric guitar rounds out the ensemble by adding an atmospheric dimension. Ottawa artist Roberta Huebener contributed the dramatic cover art, while Chris Maclean designed the CD.

Teresa Healy is an Ottawa singer-songwriter who collaborated on a CD entitled She Pushed from Behind. She has been featured on CBC’s Global Village, while her peace songs have been heard around the world. Healy works as a senior researcher at the Canadian Labour Congress.

Tom Juravich is a singer-songwriter and a labour activist from Massachusetts. His last two CDs, World to Win and Out of Darkness were released by Flying Fish/Rounder Records, and Altar of the Bottom Line will be out in early 2007. Juravich is Professor of Labor Studies and Director of the Labor Center at the University of Massachusetts.

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